How is the light of LED street lights usually distributed?


Outdoor luminaires use light distribution patterns. The […]

Outdoor luminaires use light distribution patterns. These patterns define how the light scatters from the luminaire and are defined by the point at which 50% of the luminous intensity of the luminaire is met. You'll see these distributions used a lot in area lighting, flood lighting, and pathway lighting.
Assignments are useful for lighting walkways, paths and walkways. This type of lighting should be placed near the center of the aisle. This provides enough lighting for smaller paths.
Type I is a bidirectional lateral distribution with a preferred lateral width of 15 degrees within the cone of maximum candela. The two main rays are focused in opposite directions along the road. This type is usually suitable for luminaire locations near the center of the road where the installation height is approximately equal to the road width.
Type distributors are used for wide walkways, ramps and entryways and other long and narrow lighting. This type is used to light larger areas, usually near roadsides. You'll find this type of lighting mostly on smaller streets or jogging paths. The type light distribution has a preferred lateral width of 25 degrees. China Led Flood Lights Suppliers are generally suitable for luminaires located on or near the side of a relatively narrow road, and the width of the road does not exceed 1.75 times the designed installation height. Allocated for roadway lighting, general parking lots and other areas requiring larger area lighting. Type III lighting needs to be placed to one side of the area so that the light sticks out and fills the area. This produces fill flow.
The light distribution has a preferred lateral width of 40 degrees. This distribution applies to luminaires installed on or near the side of a road or area of moderate width, where the width of the road or area does not exceed 2.75 times the height of the installation.
The distribution produces semi-circular lights for mounting on the sides of buildings and walls. Best for illuminating parking lots and commercial areas. The intensity of the lighting has the same intensity at angles from 90 degrees to 270 degrees.
The type light distribution has a preferred lateral width of 60 degrees. This allocation is for pavement installations, typically on wide roads where the road width does not exceed 3.7 times the installation height.

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