How to install China Led Street lamps Suppliers correctly?


The process of installing China Led Street lamps is act […]

The process of installing China Led Street lamps is actually quite complicated. First of all, it is the requirements for the installer, because this type of product is often more professional, so the installer must be a China Led Street lamp Suppliers with corresponding qualifications, so as to be safe. to deal with problems that arise during installation.
Secondly, before installing the LED floodlight, it is necessary to conduct a general inspection of the product. This step is very necessary. The selection of the installation location is also important. If there are some flammable materials around during installation, you must pay attention to keeping a certain distance from them. Secondly, be careful not to over-tighten the power cord, so that the power cord can have a certain buffer space, and the input and output lines must be extra careful.
This process requires security guarantees, and there must be no security risks. Therefore, the installation must be carried out under the premise that the power is turned off, so as to ensure the personal safety of the installer.
LED floodlights are entirely because such products often have more advantages. High efficiency and energy saving is one of the more important points. For the current lighting tools in the market, it is definitely not a simple matter to achieve such a point, because it involves the production process of the product.
The production process of China Led Street lamps Factory is relatively advanced, so with such a technical level, the product itself can often have very high work efficiency. And it has reached a relatively good state in terms of energy consumption.

SLT08 Series LED Garden light
■Matters needing attention
■Before installing the lighting fixtures, please read this instruction manual carefully.
■The lighting fixtures should be installed, connected and tested by a certified electrician based on the local regulations.
■Lamps should always be installed or replaced carefully.
■Please check the local voltage in accordance with the product requirements before installation.
■Revamping only can be done when the power is off and the lamp is completely cooled down.
■When clean the lamp, make the power off and let it cool down completely, clean the fixture with a soft cloth and a standard PH neutral detergent, stainless steel should be maintained regularly.
■Don't cover the fixtures with flammable materials.
■Replace should be made by the manufacturer or his service agent or certified electrician in order to avoid a hazard.