What to look for when buying LED explosion-proof lights


The existence of LED explosion-proof lights is to make […]

The existence of LED explosion-proof lights is to make the enterprises that need them safer and more energy-efficient in the production of lighting. Therefore, its application is also very extensive. For example, most of the chemical plants are inflammable and explosive places, and they are corrosive environments, which have their particularities compared with conventional plants. The quality of LED lighting design in chemical plants directly affects many issues such as product safety, labor productivity, product quality, and labor hygiene. Therefore, in the lighting power distribution design of chemical production equipment, the selected lighting fixtures should be suitable for explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, and meet the requirements of the protection level according to the environmental characteristics.
LED explosion-proof lights currently account for a large proportion of the entire explosion-proof industry. How do we choose the right one for us? Explosion-proof lights on the market have different shapes and sizes, and their prices are different. Users, who see them are dazzled, so how to choose?
1. See if there is an explosion-proof agency certification. The explosion-proof certificate is one of the indispensable certification documents for explosion-proof lamps, just like the proof of the identity of ordinary people. Then, according to the explosion-proof grade on the explosion-proof certificate, let the manufacturer's personnel take pictures of each accessory, explosion-proof surface, glass sealing surface of this product and send it to check because I found that the explosion-proof grade of many manufacturers' certificates does not meet the product.
2. Check whether the light distribution is reasonable. The brightness is not high, the irradiation range is not wide, and the power is far from the actual power. The power of many lamps is enough, why can't the brightness reach? Many factories choose poor power supplies in order to save costs. The conversion efficiency of the power supply is low, and some are only 70 %, what does 70% efficiency mean? The power of the whole lamp is 50W, and the efficiency is only 70%, so the working power of the lamp bead is only 35W, which is what I often encounter.
3. Look at the design of the heat dissipation system of the LED explosion-proof lamp. If the heat dissipation capacity cannot be reached and the temperature cannot be lowered, the light decay of the lamp beads will become larger, the ideal lighting effect will also not be achieved, and the service life will be much shorter.


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