What are the three major properties of office LED panel lights


1. Electrical properties (electronics): If a lighting f […]

1. Electrical properties (electronics): If a lighting fixture is compared to a girl, then light distribution is her connotation, structure is her appearance, and electronics are her heart. (It's always the beautiful, stylish beauties that attract people's attention, and so are the products). A person has no life without a heart, and a lamp cannot be a power source without electronics. A good driving power supply can also determine the life of a product.
2. Optical performance (light distribution): The optical performance of LED panel lights mainly involves the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity. According to the new industry standard "Semiconductor Light Emitting Diode Test Method", there are mainly luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and dominant wavelength, parameters such as color rendering index. For white LEDs commonly used in LED panel lights, color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance are particularly important. They are important indicators of lighting atmosphere and effects, while color purity and dominant wavelength are generally not required.
3. Thermal performance (structure): The luminous efficiency and power supply of LEDs for lighting are one of the keys to the LED industry. At the same time, the PN junction temperature of LEDs and the heat dissipation of the housing are particularly important. The greater the difference between the PN junction temperature and the lamp body temperature, the greater the thermal resistance, and then the light energy is converted into heat energy and consumed in vain, and the LED is damaged in severe cases. A good structural engineer should not only consider the structure of the lamp and the thermal resistance of the LED, but also consider whether the shape of the lamp is reasonable, fashionable and novel, and of course reliability, maintainability and practicability. Think from the perspective of the user, and consider the product from the perspective of the user.

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