Rohinni First to Bring At-Scale Mini LED Manufacturing Technology to Market


Rohinni announces its new composite bondhead, further s […]

Rohinni announces its new composite bondhead, further securing its position as the leading technology developer for mini LED-based products.

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The new bondhead expands already-at-scale production capabilities for display backlights at cost-competitive prices. It combines Rohinni’s high-speed system that is 14 times faster than competing technology with a new design that will allow multiple bondheads to run in parallel, increasing speed and accuracy exponentially compared with today’s systems.

Mini LED displays promise a dramatically better viewing experience for consumers that directly competes with the benefits of OLED technology. While both display technologies boast of high contrast ratios to see vivid colors and clear shapes, even in dark images, mini LED offers these benefits without the burn-in and high cost issues of OLED technology. With granular control of brightness and contrast, thinner end-products, power efficiencies and higher picture quality, mini LED displays are the best on the market and notably able to handle the demands of high dynamic range (HDR) video.

Rohinni’s technology can be combined on a multihead system that provides clear speed advantages when compared to pick-and-place solutions.