Research shows the effect of LED lights on tomato seedling characteristics


New research shows that tomato seedlings of the two var […]

New research shows that tomato seedlings of the two varieties (red 70% + blue 30%) show the largest plant height and the largest total leaf area. The best treatments for the accumulation of soluble protein and soluble sugar content in Gangmu No. 1 and Millennium varieties are (red 50% + green 20% + blue 30%) and red 100%, respectively. Gangmu No. 1 has the lowest non-photochemical quenching under (red 50% + green 20% + blue 30%) treatment, and the lowest under millennium fluorescence under white fluorescent light.

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The highest electron transmission rate under the treatment of white fluorescent lamp is Gangmu-1, and in the millennium, it is the highest under (red 70% + blue 30%).

The results show that the red and blue mixture (red 70% + blue 30%) is beneficial to the growth of two varieties of tomato seedlings, can be effectively used in plant factories, and provides some data applicable to different LED lighting ratios in a closed The system demonstrates how to obtain the best light conditions for tomato seedlings.