What are the reasons for light failure when using LED street lamps?


LED light attenuation refers to the light intensity of […]

LED light attenuation refers to the light intensity of LED street lamps will be lower than the original light intensity after being lit for a period of time, and the lower part is the light attenuation of LED. That is to say, the light attenuation of LED directly affects the life of LED street lamps, and the products with fast light attenuation will soon become dark.

For LED street lamps, under normal operation, they must consume a certain amount of heat, so the street lamp shell needs to emit heat. If the heat dissipation module cannot achieve good heat dissipation, it will lead to the use life and luminous performance of LED street lamps. Another problem is that LED street lamps are used outdoors. As for the disturbing factors of environment and climate, many LED street lamp manufacturers have made certain treatment on the street lamp shell, such as anodic treatment for protection, or spraying baking paint to avoid the corrosion of acid and alkali substances. However, there are some defects. The life of anodic treatment is not long, and it will be oxidized and discolored when it is long. If it is disassembled and reinstalled, it will not only take time, but also increase the protection cost. The protection cost of baking varnish is low, and the protection function is good. But generally, baking varnish has no heat dissipation function. This situation not only does not help, but will reduce the LED luminous power because the heat energy is locked in the radiator, and the heat conduction film cannot really close to the substrate, The bonding surface will have a certain space, which will reduce the heat dissipation power.There is also a certain reason for the light failure of LED street lamps, mainly because of the heat dissipation problem. As long as the whole problem is solved, the LED street lamps can be used for a longer time, and the light failure problem will also be solved. Therefore, in the process of purchasing street lamps, pay attention to the heat dissipation of street lamps to ensure that the product has a longer service life.

SUNLE Street Lights SLR11 Waterproof IP65
Color Index CRI Ra>70,R9>0
Luminous Efficacy lm/W 130--160 lm/W
Energy efficiency Class / A++
Color consistency in level / Max.6SDCM
THD / <15%
Starting Time S <0.5S
Switching cycle before failure / >100,000times
Premature failure rate@1000h / 0
Lifespan H >50000Hrs