How Ultra-professional Masters Handled The Led Light


Lights are an indispensable part of our family. At pres […]

Lights are an indispensable part of our family. At present, LED lights account for most of the market. After a long time of use, LED lights will always have many problems. For example, led lights flicker. Let's take a look at professional masters today. How to deal with this failure.


To solve the flashing failure of LED lights, you need to understand the principle of LED lights. Since the current LED lights are basically constant current power supplies, in order to meet the current of 300 mA, the voltage needs to be automatically adjusted within 27-42 volts. .


Then analyze the cause of the LED light flashing failure. When the power is turned on, it is generally divided into the problem of the LED light bead itself and the problem of capacitance. To solve the problem of the LED light itself, you can use a multimeter to determine whether the power supply is normal. It can be replaced if it is higher than 4V.


There is also a case where the LED light flashes when the power is turned off. The biggest possibility is that the switch controls the zero line. This kind of LED light flashing fault solution needs to be corrected in time. Use the switch to control the live wire. The zero line is connected to the led That's it.