Will LED street lights replace traditional street lights


The hot summer has entered an extraordinary period. The […]

The hot summer has entered an extraordinary period. The average temperature in various regions of the country is as high as 30 degrees Celsius. We are suffering from both body and mind, but the solar lights on the roadside are not affected at all. It is a good weather to absorb sunlight. At this time, you really have to sigh that the solar street lamp is not strong, it is really strong! As an outdoor lighting fixture with a rapid development momentum, how can it replace the traditional street lamp?

LED Street Light SLR10

The reason that it can replace traditional street lamps means that it has more advantages than traditional street lamps. We all know that the core of a solar street light is a battery. As long as there is sunlight, the solar battery can receive sunlight during the day and convert it into electrical energy at night. Traditional street lamps are not so convenient. Traditional street lamps need to be connected with electric wires and always supply electricity, otherwise they cannot generate electricity normally. As a result, led street lights are much easier. Not only that, but also save money. Traditional street lights are very expensive, and the maintenance cost is also very expensive. led street lights are a one-time investment, which is definitely more cost-effective!


Furthermore, led street lights are easy to install, do not require digging leads, and do not require regular maintenance. The installation of traditional street lamps is very complicated, one is to lay cables, the other is to excavate and thread, and the third is to install and debug. No matter what the problem is, it may cause large-scale rework in the later stage. In this comparison, is the solar street light much easier?


There is also the safety of led street lights is higher, its operation is very safe and reliable, reassuring. However, the traditional street lamp is not so safe. After sun and rain, it is likely to cause the aging of wires or other places. In addition, sometimes the power supply is abnormal, and it is more likely to cause electric shock, fire and other accidents. The possibility of such a thing is not very great, but once it happens, the consequences are unbearable!


Finally, it is worth mentioning that the solar street lamp is a green and environmentally friendly product. It has no pollution and the radiated light is harmless to the human body, and it will not have any impact on nature when recycled. However, most of the traditional street lamps contain some harmful substances, which will cause some trouble when they are recycled. Compared with led street lights, traditional street lights do have too many defects! It has to be said that solar energy is not really strong, but really strong. With the rapid development of solar energy today, the possibility of traditional street lamps being eliminated is increasing, but this is also inevitable. Good products stand the test, and products that are not good enough will soon be eliminated!