What Is The Relationship Between LED Light And Square Meter Reference Table


I believe everyone knows that it is a led light. It is […]

I believe everyone knows that it is a led light. It is installed in the corner of every home. It is not only small and exquisite, but also the color of the light is very good. Today I will introduce the reference table of led lights and square meters. How to buy LED lights? Let's take a look next!


LED light and square meter reference table

1. First of all, the price of the led light is different, and the price is also different. Like the led fluorescent tube, it has 14 watts, 9 watts, the led bulb has 3 watts, 6 watts, the spotlight has 6 watts, 12 watts, 16 watts. And some manufacturers produce products that are not necessarily used in power.

2. In the production of LED light-emitting posts, due to the different production quantities, some high and low power lights will also be produced. For light lights with the same brightness, LED lights only need 1/10 of the power of ordinary lights, and for fluorescent lights, it is only 1/3 of ordinary fluorescent lights.

How to buy LED lights

1. When we choose LED lights, we recommend choosing some warm colors, because this kind of color lights have similar lights to human skin, giving people a warm feeling and very comfortable. The cool-color series of LED lights are more suitable for installation in the kitchen, factory warehouse or basement, because these places must have a certain brightness of light, so that people can find things or work.

2. When selecting LED lights, you must carefully check the ratio between the lumen value and the power consumption value of the light. In this way, you can select a product with high brightness but low power consumption. If you encounter such a product at the time of purchase , You can buy with confidence.

3. When buying LED lights, its color rendering index is generally CRI, which is an English abbreviation in the color rendering index. From the appearance of the light, it seems to be a very delicate and compact, but in fact it is very simple, and all use the color of the display light source. The specific layout of LED must be in harmony with your home decoration style and lighting color to be perfect.

4. The LED bulb must meet the safety standards during use. If the LED bulb meets the energy standard, it means that it is a qualified light product because energy requires high brightness and color for the light.

Because LED lights are more expensive than traditional lights, you must choose a qualified manufacturer when buying LED lights to bring certain protection to the lights. The warranty period of a qualified LED bulb is generally three to five years.