How to do the maintenance of solar street light poles?


For solar street lights, not only the lights need maint […]

For solar street lights, not only the lights need maintenance, but also the maintenance of the light poles can not be omitted, because it supports the support of street light lighting, so how to maintain the solar street light poles?

Corrosion resistance: The LED Garden Lights is made of metal composite materials, and the outdoor office environment of solar street lights is its characteristic. After a long period of time, it is difficult to avoid the rust or erosion of the light pole. Taking full account of this type of situation, our company has also adopted relative protective measures. In the manufacture of light poles, the surface of the light pole is solved by hot-dip galvanizing. The pre-processed parts are infiltrated into the molten zinc solution to produce zinc and zinc non-ferrous metal coatings on the surface. The thickness of the zinc layer is 65-90um. The zinc layer of hot-dip galvanized parts is well-proportioned, smooth, without burrs, clumps, dripping and clumps. The zinc layer is firmly fused with the round steel, and the zinc layer is not easy to fall off or bulge. After hot-dip galvanizing, use plastic spray paint to coat, and the coating must not fall off or crack. The painting solution can not only enhance the anti-corrosion effect of street light poles, improve the beautiful and generous decorative design of solar street light poles, but also consider the customer's regulations on the color of street lights.

Prevention of urban psoriasis: For urban psoriasis, advertising paper, etc., the company professionally announced potassium ion modeling art spray paint, so that the advertising paper cannot be posted.

Everyone is often observed by street lights, especially children. If the shape of the street lamppost is not handled correctly, not only will the street lamp be destroyed, but the climb will continue to put pedestrians at risk.

The maintenance of street light poles is indispensable and requires regular maintenance by personnel, so as to ensure the normal and safe lighting of street lights and provide better services to the general public.