What is the reason why the solar street light does not light up?


1. Wrong wiring When wiring, if the positive and negati […]

1. Wrong wiring
When wiring, if the positive and negative poles of the lamp are reversed, it will not turn on. If it does not turn off, it may be that the battery plate is reversed.

2. The capacity is too small
According to relevant regulations, the storage capacity of solar lithium batteries from the factory to the transportation of batteries is controlled at about 30%. If they are not installed for a long time or if they encounter rainy weather after installation, the stored electric energy will be consumed. After that, it will naturally go off.

3. Quality issues
The poor quality of the solar street light may also cause it to not light up. The quality problem may exist in the line failure or low power generation efficiency. In this case, you can only contact the manufacturer to send it back for repair or let a professional on-site service.

4. The battery is damaged
If the solar battery is damaged, it will affect the performance of charging and discharging, which will cause the solar street lamp to turn on for a shorter time, and the solar street lamp does not turn on.

5. The solar street light controller is damaged
The controller of the solar street light regulates the parameters such as the charging and discharging time and voltage power of the solar street light. When it is damaged, the charging and discharging of the solar street light will be out of control, and it will not be able to light up.

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