How much do you know about LED flat lights ?


Technological innovation and economic development are u […]

Technological innovation and economic development are unknowingly changing people's lives. Today’s protagonist is one of them: LED panel lights.

The LED flat light uses a unique SMD patch as the light source,  LED Panel Lights Factory, plus a light guide plate and/or diffuser, so that the ultra-thin design of the LED flat light can not only provide illumination, but also add artistic beauty.

At present, LED panel lights are mainly used in office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, and hotel lighting.

When LED lighting was just emerging, T5 and T8 grid lights, which were mainly traditional fluorescent light sources, were the main competitors of LED flat lights. As the price of LED panel lights has approached that of traditional grille lights, the market competitiveness of LED panel lights has been fully reflected. As the replacement of traditional grille lamps and milk whiteboard lamps, LED panel lamps are becoming more and more popular.

The main deficiencies of side-emitting LED panel lights are:

First, the energy efficiency is low. It is not difficult to imagine that if the LED is placed around and guided down through the light guide plate, the output efficiency is lower than that of the direct type, resulting in lower overall energy efficiency.

Second, the quality requirements of the light guide plate are high. If the design is not good, it will appear bright in the middle, dark on both sides, or bright edges on the light-in side, or inconsistent brightness at different angles, which will affect the lighting quality. (Workers must sharpen their tools if they want to be good at their work, products must be good, and materials must be in place. What did Tongrentang's couplet say?)

Third, the reliability performance is relatively poor. Because the light guide plate, reflective ink and reflective film in the side-emitting flat light are always at a relatively high temperature, they are easy to age and turn yellow, which reduces the light output rate and greatly reduces the life of the lamp.

Third, the problem of difficult maintenance will be resolved. Different from the traditional fluorescent grid lamp, if the light source of the LED lamp is broken, the whole lamp has to be replaced, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. This is a common problem faced by all LED lamps. I believe that with the advancement of technology, there will be corresponding solutions.