Will the blue light of LED light damage the eyes?


The tissue in the human eye that receives light is call […]

The tissue in the human eye that receives light is called the retina. If the 400-500 nm blue light band in the light source is too bright, the eye may cause photochemical damage to the retina after looking directly at the light source for a long time. This kind of damage is mainly divided into two categories: damage caused by the direct reaction of blue light with the visual pigment in the visual photoreceptor cells,Led Street Lights Factory in China and damage caused by the reaction of blue light with lipofuscin in the retinal pigment epithelial cells.

How does the blue LED emit white light?

Blue photons have high energy and can excite fluorescence. Generally, the blue light of the blue LED is used to hit the phosphor to produce yellow light. After the yellow light is excited by the blue light, they are emitted from the LED together. We feel that we see white light. In fact, this is just a mixture of blue and yellow. Compound light.

Is blue light harmful to the eyes?

Humans evolved in the solar system. According to the Wien displacement law of black body radiation, we can calculate that the central wavelength of sunlight is about 550nm, while the central wavelength of blue LEDs is 465nm, which deviates from the central wavelength of sunlight. So from the perspective of evolution In other words, our human eyes cannot accept "excessive" blue light.