Which is better to install traditional street lights or led street lights in the countryside


The rural street lamp device chooses two kinds of light […]

The rural street lamp device chooses two kinds of light sources at most. One is to choose LED street lights, and the other is to choose solar LED street lights. Commercial LED street lamps consume less power than traditional energy-saving lamps (sodium lamps) and have a longer service life. Generally, the power of LED street lamps used in the countryside can meet the lighting needs at 30~60w. Moreover, the solar street light on the device does not need to consume city electricity, and only needs to configure the system according to the user's needs to ensure the long-term stability of the road lighting.
At the beginning of installation, the total cost of solar street lights is more than 2,000, because solar street lights do not need to consume electricity in the future, and all the costs can be recovered within a few years. The stability of solar street lights is very good. Generally, the service life of solar street lights is 8 years. Around, the maintenance cost is lower. The initial installation cost of urban electric LED street lights is not high, but the cost of the installation is a bit high. It is more economical to use LED street lights in the short term, but in the long run, the service life of LED street lights will be longer, so the use of LED street lights The life span is not too different.