What Is The LED Driver


LED means Light emitting diodes. LED has low energy and […]

LED means Light emitting diodes. LED has low energy and is a lighting device which have low energy consumption and with long life span. LED driver is a self-contained power supply and has a output which matches with the electrical characteristics of the LED. LED has different colors which is done by using different materials in the semiconducting element of LED which produce photons at different wavelength.

A LED driver is an electrical device that regulates the power to an LED or string(s) of LEDs. What makes a driver different from conventional power supplies, is that an LED driver responds to the ever-changing needs of the LED, or circuit of LEDs, by supplying a constant amount of power to the LED, as its electrical properties change with temperature.

A transformer, that takes AC current turns it into DC at the right Voltage and amps too power, or “drive” an led. Why it's not called a ballast, transformer, I have no idea, I'd assume it has too do with the method used too take the power from a/c too d/c or that an led driver usually connects too and powers, drives, more than one led at a time.

An LED driver is a self contained power supply which can regulate the power required for an LED or array of LEDs. It is an electrical device. The light emitting diodes have low energy,it is a lightning device with more lifespan, hence the requirement for specialised power supplies.