LED Panel Lights Type: Round Or Square


Honestly, The led Panel Lights are technically not the […]

Honestly, The led Panel Lights are technically not the good product to use. Though, probably this is the one product which is sold more than any other led product in Indian market. Specially for domestic use.

In a led panel the light source is mounted on the edge of the light fixture (hence the name edge-lit panels). This edge is in contact with the false ceiling which is normally made of material like Gypsum of wood which is not a good conductor of the heat.

Thus the dissipation of the heat generated by the led light source is not good and, this affects the performance of the light fixture. For false ceiling mounting, the down light fixtures with back mounted light source are far better compared to Panels.

The selection of square or round shape of light fixture is purely for aesthetic reason. No matter Round or Square, they are almost the same.

So you need to check the all details of Structure and composition:

1. Border and bottom plate

The frame and bottom plate of the LED panel light have different heat dissipation performance according to different materials, and the price is also different.

2, light guide plate and diffuser

The quality of the light guide plate is one of the most important factors determining the quality of the LED panel light. The use of high-quality light guides allows the finished LED panel lights to shine more evenly. There are no dark spots, water ripples, etc.

3, lamp beads and patches

Good lamp beads not only have stable performance, good brightness, low light decay, but also a much better color rendering index.

4, aluminum substrate

The LED panel light has four aluminum substrates on all sides and two aluminum substrates on both sides.

5, the power supply

Power is also the most important factor affecting the price of LED panel lights. The power supply is not good and directly affects the life of the LED panel light.

6, packaging

A simple package can be fixed for a few dollars. A little better is the four corners plus a heavenly cover carton, plus an outer carton casing.

7, accessories

Accessories include foam padding, tape, wire, and terminals.