What are the characteristics of LED street lights?


Energy saving: The product is equipped with an automati […]

Energy saving: The product is equipped with an automatic control energy saving system, which can adjust the power by itself, and its luminous efficiency is greater than 90Lm/W, and the energy utilization and driving efficiency are high, and the energy saving is up to 60% or more;

Environmental protection: LED street lamp has strong directionality, high utilization rate, and overcomes light pollution. LED light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet rays, so it does not attract insects. LED lamps do not contain Hg and other harmful substances to the environment, and will not cause environmental damage;

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Long lifespan: The lifespan of the LED can theoretically exceed 100,000 hours, and the lamp can ensure more than 50,000 hours;

Good color rendering: the emitted light is closer to white light. Under the illumination of this high-quality light source, the color of the object will be closer to its true color;

Fast response speed: The LED lamp has a very fast response speed, which completely eliminates the long ignition process of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps.

Light distribution technology: The LED street lamp adopts the primary light distribution technology, which is an eccentric wide-angle bat-wing light distribution type, which can control the light distribution to obtain a rectangular spot, forming a wider angle to illuminate the road surface.

And the eccentric angle is 20° to 35° even without installation elevation angle, it can ensure that the light spot deviates to the center of the road and the side of the fast lane, so as to achieve higher light utilization and uniformity.

Lighting safety: The above features can greatly reduce glare interference. Avoid visual fatigue and line of sight interference caused by street lamp glare, thereby improving the safety of vehicle driving.

Diversified appearance styles: LED street lamp styles with different lamp shapes can be matched for different road landscapes, avoiding the singularity of LED street lamp lamp cap products, fully meeting the requirements of modern urban beautification roads, and making the city more beautiful.