What are the advantages of LED street light poles compared to traditional poles


The biggest advantage of LED street light poles is that […]

The biggest advantage of LED street light poles is that the production cost is cheaper than street lights and the luminous efficiency is high. However, high-pressure sodium lamps are not as environmentally friendly and energy-saving as solar LED street lamps. The light and colors are not so pretty. When installing high-pressure sodium street lamps, trenches and wires must be dug, which increases installation and maintenance costs. Therefore, high-pressure sodium lamp street lamps will gradually be eliminated by solar LED street lamps.

When installing the street lamp pole, pay attention to whether the wire is loose, whether the connection between the down conductor and the main line is snapped back, or the down conductor and the down conductor collide when working on the pole. Check whether the lighting angle of the solar street lamp is accurate, whether the lamp bracket is firmly fixed, and pay attention to the lateral displacement or downward tilt of the lamp arm. After all the LED street lights and solar street lights are installed, test the lamps, check the power supply, test the lamps, and further adjust the lighting angle of the lamps. Street light poles should be maintained regularly. If there is any problem, if it cannot be repaired, the light pole should be replaced.

The surface of the lamp pole should be degreased before pickling. Soak in the degreasing tank for 15-30 minutes, and then wash in the cleaning tank more than twice. Then, use hydrochloric acid to clean the oxide layer on the surface of the lamp post for 20-40 minutes. If there is a local oxide layer on the surface, it should be treated with tools and then pickled for 15 minutes. After pickling, the acid radical ions on the surface of the lamp post must be removed in a clean water tank, and the number of cleanings must be more than 2 times.