How about the fog permeability of LED street lights in foggy weather


It is generally mistaken that LED street lights have po […]

It is generally mistaken that LED street lights have poor fog permeability, and it is difficult to solve problems such as zebra crossing, glare, and light attenuation. In fact, Figure 2 shows the lighting effect of 4000KLED street lights and the comparison between 3000KLED street lights and high-pressure sodium lights. When the light distribution is controlled properly, the LED street lights are not dazzling, and the glare in the driving direction is even on the ground.
In addition, from the perspective of light attenuation, attention should be paid to distinguish false light attenuation. According to the data of some LED street lamp test items, if the lamp is not wiped, the false light attenuation will be serious. The aging light attenuation of the lamp room is less than the "light attenuation" caused by lens pollution, as shown in Figure 5.
Some LED street lights do not have lighting design requirements, simply use "CJJ45" or do not have the installation conditions for improvement.
Taking two-way six-lane, asphalt pavement, arterial road, and motor vehicle lanes as examples, the original sodium lamp power is 250W. If the initial brightness value is 2cd/m2, 190WLED street light needs to be replaced. If the initial brightness value is 3cd/m2, 285WLED street light needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is very important to select the brightness design value correctly.
For lighting designers, calculation parameters such as lighting layout, distance, height, elevation angle, protrusion, cantilever, etc. are needed to facilitate lighting design, but in practice, many users do not provide these parameters. In addition, the elevation angle of the LED street lamp is increased, the uncomfortable glare effect is more obvious, the brightness value changes little, and the total brightness and longitudinal uniformity are improved. Therefore, changes in elevation angle bring about changes in uniformity and glare, which are inversely proportional to each other.

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SUNLE Street Lights SLR11 Waterproof IP65

Product Details



Color Index CRI Ra>70,R9>0

Luminous Efficacy lm/W 130--160 lm/W

Energy efficiency Class / A++

Color consistency in level / Max.6SDCM

THD / <15%

Starting Time S <0.5S

Switching cycle before failure / >100,000times

Premature failure rate@1000h / 0

Lifespan H >50000Hrs

Model Wattage Size IP TA LED Type
SLR11-15 80W 481*260*120mm 66 -40℃-+50℃


SLR11-110 150W 594*263*119.5mm
SLR11-115 240W 640*315*127mm 66 -40℃-+50℃