Solar Panel Is Suitable For LED Street Lights


Solar street lights are among most modern inventions of […]

Solar street lights are among most modern inventions of human being as these not only help in keeping the surroundings illuminated but these also help in decreasing the crime ratios of vicinity. Being operated by solar power, these lights are intended to retrieve their required power directly by sun and start automatically during evening. These street lights come with various additional and modern features further help most of the individuals to give modern look to their housing by installing lights of various styles.


LED street lights need electricity to shine at night?


Solar panels produce energy during the day?


You need a battery to store the electricity from the solar panels produced during the day to power the LED streetlight at night.


Multiple companies sell LED street light systems with batteries and solar panels , Or you could buy all the components separately You would need enough solar panels to charge the battery to power the LEDs. This depends on how much electricty the LEDs use and how many hours you want them to shine.


Ideally you would have a battery that lasted more than one night in case of poor sunlight conditions and enough solar panels to consistently recharge the battery when sunlight is available.