Good Ways To Protect The LED Panel Lights


LED lights are a new entry into the lighting market. Th […]

LED lights are a new entry into the lighting market. They are great for the environment as they use very little electricity.


1.If the battery is positive, don't turn it back, otherwise it will burn the plate.


2.Pay attention to control the change of torch temperature to ensure heat dissipation.


3.According to the charging speed of the charger, as soon as the indicator changes, take out as soon as possible, don't overcharge; the first charge should be taken out according to the change of charger instructions, without charging;


4.When the flashlight is used, according to the requirements of the flashlight to the voltage and the battery, it should not be used indiscriminately to prevent the burning of the circuit board, and the batteries of different types and voltages should not be used simultaneously;


5.According to the flashlight waterproof, shockproof and other instructions, strengthen prevention.