LED Plant Lights Good For Flowering Plants


The led plant lights become more and more popular and t […]

The led plant lights become more and more popular and the reason that the led plant lights not only good at flowering plants but also can help the seed generation faster when they cannot be got enough sunlight.


Provide a better artificial light source for plants. Through artificial intervention, red and blue light required by the concentration of plants can make plants grow stems, leaves, and roots more rapidly. At the same time, it can also adjust the light requirements of plants according to the process of plant growth to make planting more scientific.

LED Plant Lights use a light-emitting bond to aid plants growth. Compared with HPS, it can save up to 80% of your electricity.

Extremely long service life: according to multiple experiments, the service life of LED plant lamps is about 100,000 hours, which is about five times of the service life of incandescent lamps and fluorescent bulbs

High efficiency and environmental protection: compared with the high-pressure sodium lamp and a metal halogen lamp, LED plant growth lamp is more powerful and efficient. They save energy and produce less heat. Less heat allows the plant lamp to be closer to the plant without fear that the plant will scorch.