LED Panel Lights Are The Latest Solution


Are you looking to replace your expensive, inefficient […]

Are you looking to replace your expensive, inefficient lighting with LEDs? While LEDs used to be reserved for specialized applications, the technology has improved over the years to make it possible to replace every type of residential and commercial lighting with brighter, more efficient LEDs. Incandescent and fluorescent lights cannot compare to the energy deficiency, brightness, and long life span of LEDs.


LED panel lights are the latest solution that will allow you to replace fluorescent troffers without having to redesign or uninstall the existing drop ceilings in your home or business. LED panels are thinner and more lightweight than fluorescent troffers, and can even be mounted flush with a drywall ceiling or wall if you do not have drop ceilings.


Although LEDs are more expensive up front, they will provide savings in the long run due to their energy efficiency. Payback time can vary from one to two years depending on installation costs.

These can be used in homes or in businesses, and they come in multiple different sizes to fit your needs.