What is the difference between street light manufacturers and solar street lights?


Led Street Light is a more humanized and intelligent pr […]

Led Street Light is a more humanized and intelligent product extended on the basis of ordinary solar street lights. It differs from ordinary solar street lights as follows:
1. On the hardware
It has more wifi modules, surveillance spherical cameras, cameras than ordinary solar street lights
Second, the function
1. Led Street Light can glow all over the body. The light color can also be adjusted freely. In special holidays, it can become colorful. In addition, it can change color with the change of the surrounding traffic density, and the street light manufacturer has played a good warning role.
2. It has the monitoring function that ordinary solar street lights do not have. The combination of surveillance camera and WIFI module can monitor road traffic and public safety in real time.
3. Some Led Street lamps also have a super-large LED display on the back, which can scroll and play public information of the weather forecast lamp, and can also monitor the PM value in the air in real time and so on.
Third, the installation scope
Street lights are installed in a wider range. In some special areas, such as forest fire protection zones, they can play their real-time monitoring and monitoring functions to monitor the safety of forests in real time.
Street lamp manufacturers have played a good warning role in today's serious environmental crisis. In the Internet + era, the promotion of street lamps is of great significance for energy saving and emission reduction, improving the environment, and ensuring the sustainable development of society. Although the street lamp is more expensive, it not only has the function of lighting, but also has such a smart function, and it is also worthy of our choice.