How to choose the best solar LED lights for your garden?


So you want to buy lamps for your garden! Perhaps, you […]

So you want to buy lamps for your garden! Perhaps, you want to emphasize the elements of the garden. Maybe you want to add ambience to your outdoor space. For whatever reason, buying outdoor lights can be an expensive proposition. If you have a larger garden, your budget may be hurting. So how to solve this problem? The best answer is to provide solar powered LED lights for the garden. However, buying the right lighting can be a task. If you don't know how to choose the best solar garden lights, here are some handy tips that should help you.
Tips for Getting the Best Solar LED Garden Lights
Solar LED Garden Lights technology has improved a lot in recent years. This is why many people switch from mains lighting to solar lighting. However, when you decide to go with this innovative option, you may want to consider the following important things.
Bulb Type So you have to consider the type of bulb you need. Most solar lights use LED technology to produce light. These bulbs emit enough light and generate less heat than other bulbs on the market, making them very effective.
It also means they can last longer with less battery power. Since solar energy storage is limited, such bulbs are highly recommended. Plus, energy efficient garden solar Led Flood Light don't waste energy like other outdoor lights. So you can be sure that your landscape will stay lit for a long time.
Batteries No matter how efficient the solar lights are, as long as they are charged, they will light up the space. After charging is complete, the lighting will not turn on. You should charge the bulb all the time, or at least for a long time. So what should you do? A removable lithium-ion battery would be the best answer to this question. They are easy to replace. Plus, if your solar panels run out of power, you can charge them with utility power.

 IP66 waterproof/dust proof/explosion proof/IK09
 Aluminum shape good at heat dissipation
It can also be installed vertically
 Philips SMD 3030/ 5050/ Ra>70/SDCM<6
 100,000 times switching cycle before failure
 Total harmonic distortion(THD)<10%
 Excellent post light control design, the whole lamp can achieve T II-M, T
III-M,That's our advantage
 Pass 3G vibration test