How to troubleshoot if the solar led street light fails?


Led Street Light common minor faults can be repaired an […]

Led Street Light common minor faults can be repaired and eliminated by themselves, and obvious water ingress or short-circuit burns can be replaced by themselves. In this case, a shell is valuable. If the shell is very expensive or the whole set is ugly, such as a projection lamp street lamp, you need to change the light source and driver, and change some sealants yourself. It is recommended to find the manufacturer to buy supporting facilities, measure the size and take pictures.
If suddenly no light or dark, but other circuits are intact, that is, other electrical appliances are fine. In this case, the light is usually its own nerve, that is, broken. This situation is very common. Let's take off the light first and analyze it slowly!
Taking a simple LED bulb as an example, first open the lid and select the blade along the edge gap. Once it's turned on, see what's driving the light. Whether it's a board connected to a light board or a component soldered on the light board, the stand-alone IC and DOB scheme, stand-alone ICs are a bit of a hassle.
Troubleshooting Point 1: First, see if the beads are intact. The black dot in the middle of the bead is basically bad. If there's only one or two bad, you can do it yourself. You can poke and solder a wire. If it's worse, just replace it.
In the process of daily use, the charge and discharge controller is exposed to drenching and moisture, resulting in a short circuit on the circuit board, burning out the control device (transistor), and seriously causing the circuit board to be corroded and deteriorated, which cannot be repaired. There are two main ways to enter the water: one is to enter the light pole from the reserved hole at the top of the light pole along the solar cell assembly and the light source lead; the other is to immerse from the gap of the light pole warehouse door; plus the temperature in the warehouse is relatively high , resulting in high humidity in the warehouse, resulting in damage to the controller. Therefore, it is also important to protect the controller from rain and avoid moisture and damage to the controller.
1. After the area is used, the time difference between startup and shutdown is very small, which better overcomes the disadvantages of traditional LED street lights due to excessive startup time difference. Areas with abundant solar energy resources and areas where solar energy can be utilized. In these areas, solar energy can be used not only for the lighting of urban residential quarters, high-end residential areas, villas in gardens, public green spaces, city squares, and roads, but also for household lighting and environment in remote villages where conventional energy is scarce and it is difficult to generate electricity with conventional energy. illumination.

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