What should be paid attention to when using LED street lights?


The illumination of the road surface is relatively unif […]

The illumination of the road surface is relatively uniform, and people or objects on both sides of the road can also be seen, and the sudden situation can be understood. The lighting of the street lamp meets the above requirements, and its light distribution must be reasonable. Therefore, although LED street lights have the advantages of better light color, long life, and dimming function, its light distribution level is still very important. At present, LED street lamps have just started and need to be continuously improved. Whether it is the optical structure design of street lamps or the heat dissipation technology, they are still constantly improving.
At present, the biggest feature of LED street lamps for lighting is the function of directional light emission, because almost all power LED street lamps are equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of such reflectors is significantly higher than that of ordinary lamp reflectors. In addition, the efficiency of the self-reflector has been included in the LED street light effect detection. The road lamps using led street lamps should use the directional emission characteristics of LEDs as much as possible, so that each LED in the road lamps directly emits light to each area of ​​the illuminated road, and then uses the lamp reflector to assist the light distribution to achieve Very reasonable road lighting integrated light distribution.
Precautions for the use of led street lights
1. The led street light installation should always be installed on sunny days. If it is installed on a cloudy and rainy day, it will only consume power without charging after the light is on, which will not meet the drawing requirements.
2. The viewpoint of the LED street light battery panel is usually drawn by the manufacturer at an inclination of 45 degrees, so as to ensure a better charging capacity in winter.
3. The connection of led street light controller. A waterproof controller should be used as much as possible to ensure long-term stability and prevent users from changing the lighting time at will. If using a non-waterproof controller, bend the wiring into a U shape because the terminal is facing down, which can prevent water from dipping into the controller from the wire.

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