How to correctly and reasonably choose high-power LED street lamp power supply?


LED street lights are mainly used in outdoor environmen […]

LED street lights are mainly used in outdoor environments, and they have to withstand the harsh environment of wind, rain, thunder and lightning for many years. The external temperature can reach 50°C when it is the highest, and it may reach -40°C when it is the lowest. LED light source is a semiconductor light source. Its own luminous characteristics determine that its failure rate is quite low, and the failure rate of the connecting part is also quite low. Therefore, the quality of LED driving power directly determines the life of the entire street lamp, and it is also the core of the LED street lamp industry. part.
At present, the application environment of wholesale LED Street lamps in the domestic market is very complicated. The main reason is that the power supply voltage is unstable. In the case of ordinary mains power supply, the actual input voltage often has a large deviation, and various surge Unsafe factors such as wave impact always affect the normal operation of the LED power supply, which requires the power supply to have a certain design margin. At present, the design margin of the mainstream LED street light power supply in the market is generally around 40%. China LED Street Lights Manufacturers is the first in the industry to launch an LED power supply with a minimum component design margin of 60% to ensure the high reliability of LED street lights. For key components The reserve of device margin is more sufficient. In the design of LED street light power supply, we only save costs in links that have nothing to do with reliability. As long as reliability design is involved, we absolutely adhere to the principle of stability and high reliability to ensure sufficient Design margin, which is why our products can withstand 50,000 hours of durability testing. "

120-170LM/W IP65 Road Project Lighting LED Street Lights SLR07
LED Power Consumption: 50W-300W
Operating Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Power Factor: >0.90;
LED Luminous Efficiency: 120-170LM/W
Lamp Efficiency: >0.8;
Material: Die-casting aluminum body;
IP Rating: IP65;
Warranty: 3-5 years;
Finishes: White/Black/Gray;