Consider These Before LED Flood Lights


If you're going to buy LED flood lights, you need to kn […]

If you're going to buy LED flood lights, you need to know how to choose led flood lights. Here we’ll show you the following aspects that you should consider before carry out a big purchase.

Prices of LED flood lights are different due to the brightness and Choose the LED is different.

Antistatic. LED Flood lights with good antistatic have longer service life; therefore they enjoy a higher price. Usually, the antistatic factor of LED should be over 750V.

LEDs with the same wavelength and color cost more money. It is difficult for manufacturers to produce LED flood lights with pure colors if they have no spectral separation devices.

LED flood lights is one-way conductive light. If there is a reverse current, the situation would be called leakage. Leakage current leads to short service life and low price.

The LED cost defers from one another due to different illumination angles. LED flood lights with special light-emitting angle cost you more.

Service life is a key measurement to high quality LED flood light. It is determined by lumens depreciation. A lower lumens depreciation means a longer service life, and further a higher price.

LED chips from different manufacturers show a difference in quality. High quality LED chips from Japan, the United States(CREE LEDs) could promise a good quality of led lighting.

The size of LED chips also should be counted into the price. Big chips are better than small ones. The bigger the chip size, the higher the led flood lights.

LED colloidal is generally made of epoxy resin. LED with UV-resistant and fire-retardant function is more expensive. High-quality outdoor LED flood light should be UV-resistant and fire-retardant.