The Canton Fair In 2019 Has Come To A Successful Conclusion


      The Canton fair in 2019 has come to a successful […]

      The Canton fair in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion.As a famous lighting exhibition in Asia, it presents novel lighting products to buyers from all over the world, provides a high-quality trading platform for merchants from all over the world, and promotes international exchanges and cooperation in the lighting field.


      This is a feast of the industry, but also a harvest trip.Ningbo shengle lighting appliance co., LTD., if invited to participate in the exhibition, displayed the latest research and development results of the outdoor lighting industry, with the integrity of the work style, strong technical force, excellent exhibit quality, attracted a lot of foreign merchants stop to watch and consult.There are also many buyers brought the use of lamps and lanterns and installation of the technical problems encountered, after the solution of engineers, many customers are greatly satisfied, but also gave us a lot of valuable advice and Suggestions.


      Ningbo shengle lighting appliance adheres to the business tenet of "quality first, reputation intelligence quotient", and sincerely welcomes new and old customers at home and abroad to our company for guidance, negotiation and establishment of various forms of cooperation, so as to jointly develop a broader market space.