What should I pay attention to when buying LED high bay lights?


         LED high bay lights are LED lights used in man […]

         LED high bay lights are LED lights used in many factories and mines in the production area. Generally, lamps and lanterns will be evenly arranged above or on the side walls of the work site to illuminate the entire work surface. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps or a large number of fluorescent lamps. The vast majority of high bay lights also belong to this category. General lighting lamps have higher requirements for light distribution, and two types of light distributions, direct lighting and semi-direct lighting, are widely used. Of course, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when buying LED lights. Today, Shangzheng Lighting will explain to you.

   Look at the heat dissipation structure
Generally, the materials used in lamps are aluminum profiles and hardware pieces plus copper pillars. We observe whether there is a temperature rise when the lamp is turned on. If there is no temperature, it will not work. Ten degrees is appropriate.

  See actual demand
  Different occasions have different requirements for lamps. When choosing industrial and mining lamps for industries such as coal, petroleum, and chemical industries, it is not only necessary to consider whether the lighting requirements can meet the requirements, but also dust and waterproof lights, and even explosion-proof requirements. Such companies need to consider whether the products meet the requirements of national quality standards, whether they have passed the explosion-proof certification and other factors when choosing lamps.

   Look at the light source part
  The light source part mainly depends on whether genuine chips are used, such as Preh, Epistar, Cree, etc. At the same time, the light source part and the power source part must have good waterproof function.

   Look at power, illuminance and color temperature
   This is particularly professional. The power of LED high bay lights should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause waste of electricity resources, and low power will not meet the lighting needs. At the same time, conditions such as illuminance and color temperature are also very important. The production line requires high resolution. For example, the textile industry needs high-resolution lamps. It is recommended to clearly inform the shopping guide of your actual needs when purchasing.

  Of course, the most important thing in choosing LED lights is to choose a guaranteed merchant. Since its establishment, Sunzen Lighting has gathered a group of LED industry elites to carry out LED heat dissipation technology, drive stabilization technology, light efficiency improvement technology, large-scale ZigBee intelligent control system and structural development, and have achieved many technological breakthroughs. The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality management certification, and its products have passed CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS and other certifications. The product quality has been consistently recognized by peers and customers.

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