What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing LED street lights?


At present, there are many LED street lamp brands on th […]

At present, there are many LED street lamp brands on the market, and the product standards and parameters of each brand are also different, and the quality is also uneven. Coupled with the announcement of various publicity advertisements, it looks dazzling and impossible to start. Where can I buy LED street lights? What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing LED street lights?

Let's talk about what problems should be paid attention to when buying LED street lights.

1. The important function of street lights is lighting. Now smart street lights generally use Led Street Light. Compared with traditional sodium lamps, it is more efficient, safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long life, and high color rendering index.

2. A major feature of smart street lamps is the carrying of peripherals. In terms of function selection, different application modules should be selected according to the actual project situation, and future plans should also be considered to reserve interfaces.

3. The situation of the project, whether it is a new construction or a renovation, a municipal project or a park project, and what special needs are required to be considered. You can refer to the manufacturer's past project cases. A more direct method is to communicate more with the manufacturer to indicate the demand, and the smart street light manufacturer will provide the corresponding appropriate solution.

Color temperature:   
There are two types of color temperature: warm color and cold color. The color temperature of LED lights is also divided into these two types.
If you choose LED lights for the bedroom and living area, then it is recommended that you choose warm color LED lights. The light of this hue is similar to skin tone, which makes people feel very warm and comfortable.
And cool-toned LED lights are most suitable for use in kitchens and basements, because these places need bright light, which is convenient for finding things or working.
Color rendering index:   
CRI, the abbreviation for color rendering index. Does it look very tall? It's actually very simple, it's used to display the color of the light source. Understand the color of the LED light to make an accurate purchase and make the LED light the most harmonious part of the home.
This data should be the most familiar data for everyone, indicating how bright the light bulb is.
So is the higher the lumens, the greater the power consumption? Not so, so when you choose LED bulbs, you must carefully look at the ratio of the lumens value to the power consumption value, so that you can choose high brightness but power consumption. Low-cost products.