What kinds of LED lights are there?


1. LED outdoor lighting Outdoor LED lights types: LED s […]

1. LED outdoor lighting

Outdoor LED lights types: LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED traffic lights, LED guardrail tubes, LED flood lights, LED buried lights, LED lawn lights, LED garden lights, LED wall wash lights, LED underwater lights, LED fountain lights Wait.

Outdoor LED lamp purchase: good waterproof and dustproof; check the lamp logo, appearance quality, heat dissipation, driving power, power efficiency, lamp bead quality; perfect after-sales service.

Outdoor LED lamp installation: Before installation, it is necessary to understand whether the electrical performance of the LED lamp lighting system matches the power supply capacity of the installation unit. The core and the shell of the transformer should be well connected, and a grounding device should be provided. The high-voltage wiring and the connection line of the lamp fittings should be flame-retardant insulated rubber wires with a rated voltage of not less than 15KV. During installation, the transformer should be fixed on the support frame, and the base must be made of non-combustible materials. Lightning protection facilities must be installed when the light exceeds the surrounding buildings or 20 meters above the ground.

2. LED security lighting

LED emergency light: The LED emergency light is powered by an emergency battery power supply. When the power is cut off, the explosion-proof lighting for emergency lighting can be started immediately, and it can also be controlled by an external switch. LED emergency lights are emergency lighting for workshops, warehouses, cable trenches, roadways and other places. It also includes an LED safety exit indicator.

LED explosion-proof lamp: it uses the characteristics of low heat generation of LED to achieve intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and the LED light source has a long life; the battery is fully charged and the LED is kept constant at the end of discharge; the heat sink is installed on the lamp shell to realize the LED model The effective heat dissipation of the group ensures the stability of use and is suitable for lighting in various industries such as coal mines, petroleum, railways, and flood control.

LED searchlight: LED searchlight is used for long-distance lighting and search purposes. It is suitable for mobile lighting in flammable and explosive places such as military, electric power, petrochemical, oil fields, mines, fire fighting, railways, and public security.

3. LED special lighting

LED medical lighting: LED lighting is used for functional lighting inside and outside hospital buildings, that is, functional lighting other than information display of medical resources, medical guidance, etc.; peeping lighting, that is, lighting for lesion detection and observation; surgical lighting, surgery It is sometimes used to provide high-quality lighting tools; disinfection and sterilization radiation sources; phototherapy and light radiation therapy sources; pathology detection sources, etc.

LED photosynthetic lighting: LED lighting is used for agricultural light sources. In addition to the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, compared with artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps commonly used in agricultural fields, it has adjustable light quantity, adjustable light quality, low cooling load and allows to increase unit area The characteristics of cultivation volume, etc., are a very suitable artificial light source for closed and environmentally controlled agricultural production environments, such as plant tissue culture rooms.

LED car lights: LED lights use luminescence technology, not only the temperature is lower than that of xenon lights, but also the brightness is higher than it, and can deal with different environments. There is no need to worry about the yellowing of the lamp shade, and it is very durable. The main factor that affects the lighting effect and life of LED lights is temperature. Therefore, owners who want to modify LED lights are recommended to choose LED lights with good thermal conductivity, and pay attention to the heat dissipation environment of the LED lights in the future during the installation process.

4. LED indoor lighting
LED ceiling lights: LED ceiling lights are mostly living room, bedroom main lights, or balcony, study lights.
LED panel lights: LED panel lights are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms or office commercial spaces.
LED table lamp: LED table lamp is suitable for the bedside of the study room, children's room or bedroom.
LED strips: LED strips are suitable for use in ceilings, walls, or furniture shapes.
LED tube: LED tube is widely used, suitable for home, office, factory and classroom.
LED bulb light: LED bulbs are suitable for indoor lighting in small spaces, such as rental rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, etc.

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