What is the solution to the LED flashing fault?


The main reason is the failure of the filter power du 1 […]

The main reason is the failure of the filter power du
1. The LED lamp bead is not matched with the LED driving power source. The normal single shu1w lamp bead withstands current: 280-300ma, voltage: 3.0-3.4v, if the lamp bead chip is not enough power, it will cause light Light source stroboscopic phenomenon. If the current is too high, the lamp beads will turn on and off. Serious phenomena will burn the gold or copper wires inside the lamp beads, causing the lamp beads to not light up.

2. It may be that the driving power supply is broken, so long as it is replaced with another good driving power supply, it will not flash.

3. If the driver has an over-temperature protection function, but the heat dissipation performance of the material of the lamp cannot meet the requirements, the over-temperature protection is turned on.

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There will also be a flashing phenomenon at the beginning of the work, for example: 20w floodlight housing is used to assemble 30w lamps, it will be like this if the heat dissipation work is not done.

4. If the outdoor lamps also flash and flicker, then the lamps are flooded. The consequence is that it will not light up when it flashes. The lamp beads and driver are broken. If the driver is waterproof, just break the lamp beads and replace the light source.