What are the three common lights?


(1) Lamp tube. The lamp life is very short and needs to […]

(1) Lamp tube. The lamp life is very short and needs to be replaced constantly. Generally, this kind of lamps are now eliminated by most sports venues, so it is not recommended to choose.

(2) Metal halide lamps. The slow start-up time of the metal halide lamp is its fatal flaw. It takes fifteen minutes from opening to fully lit. In addition, the glare of metal halide lamps is more serious, which will affect the visual judgment of athletes. This is also the key reason why more and more stadiums that previously used metal halide lamps want to replace them.

(3) LED Panel Light. LED Panel Light are tailor-made according to the different characteristics of the table tennis court, anti-glare, high uniformity, not dazzling, comfortable, without any light pollution. The heat dissipation efficiency is higher; and the phase change heat dissipation technology is adopted, and the structure adopts air convection design to ensure the heat dissipation effect. The light source adopts imported high-quality high-power lamp beads, with high brightness, light color and the stadium are integrated, and the life is long, the light is softer. It is a popular choice for most sports venues such as table tennis halls.