What are the secondary light distribution skills of LED street lights?


What is a cable conveyor: A cable conveyor machine, whi […]

What is a cable conveyor: A cable conveyor machine, which includes a main frame, a conveying device consisting of a motor, a speed change device, a transmission device and a conveyor wheel, and a groove in the form of V pivots on the left and right ends of the main frame The conveyor wheel, the motor drives the large sprocket on the left and right transport shafts through the main sprocket placed on the speed change device;

A pressure roller frame is fixedly arranged on the main frame, and just above the two V-shaped conveyor wheels corresponding to the two V-shaped conveyor wheels, two height-adjustable pressure rollers pivot on the rollers left and right pressure Led Street Light.


The pressure wheel frame includes a metal frame, a pair of left and one pair of right cranks, left and right adjusting screws, and a center ratchet. By turning the ratchet wheel, the length of the adjusting screw can be adjusted, and the height of the left and right pressure wheels can be adjusted with the crank, to adjust the pressure force of the pressure wheel on the cable.

Cable carrier model and function The equipment of this utility model is small in size, light weight, simple in structure, part of the roller frame is detachable, low noise during operation, and stable cable transmission. Easy to move in the cable tunnel, low power consumption and good cable straightening effect.

The types of cable carriers are divided into: diesel cable carriers, gasoline cable carriers, and power carriers. Lifting XRS power conveyors are used more and more, because this cable transporter can be used in series to achieve large, long distance cable transmission project.

It is suitable for large-scale urban power grid transformation, suitable for long-distance and large-cross-section cable laying, reducing labor intensity and improving construction quality. Features: This machine has large thrust, small size, light weight, and convenient operation. It is especially suitable for cable pipes, tunnels, straight management, long-distance transportation and other occasions.