What are the common problems and malfunctions of LED panel lights


Four common problems of LED panel lights LED panel ligh […]

Four common problems of LED panel lights
LED panel light is also called LED panel light, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, environmental protection and energy saving. Today, I will analyze the 4 common problems of LED panel lights with everyone.
1. Package failure
Refers to the quality degradation of components caused by incorrect packaging design or production process. The epoxy resin material used in the package will deteriorate during the use of the Dongguan LED panel light, which will reduce the service life of the LED panel light. It can also cause problems such as refractive index, light transmittance, hardness, expansion coefficient, air permeability, water permeability, and filler function.
2. Chip failure
Refers to the failure of the chip itself or other causes that constitute the failure of the chip. This is how LED panel light manufacturers control the low price of LED panel lights by purchasing very poor quality chips.
3. Electrical overstress failure
That is, if the LED light source is used in overcurrent (EOS) or electrostatic shock damage (ESD) to the chip, it will constitute an open circuit of the chip, resulting in electrical overstress failure.
4. Thermal overstress failure
An important factor affecting the optical properties of LEDs has always been temperature. This is because under the premise that the thermal resistance of the LED system remains unchanged, the temperature of the solder joints of the package pins will increase, and the junction temperature will also increase, which will cause the LED to fail prematurely. .
Four common problems and failure performance of LED panel lights
Common fault performance of led panel lights
1. The surrounding area is dark
This phenomenon is often a problem of the light guide plate.
2. The lights are blue or yellow
1) Adjust the distance between the lamp bead and the light guide plate, or 3T for 4T, because the refractive index of blue light and yellow light are different.
2) It may also be the problem of the lamp beads, replace the lamp beads.
3. The aluminum frame has large seams
4. Bright edges and bright spots appear
5. Water ripples appear
This is caused by current pulsation. Replace the power supply.
6. The measured value of luminous flux is low
Use distributed photometer, select high-quality lamp beads
7. Other
PMMA expands when exposed to heat, and the lamp beads may also appear bluish or even dead when pressed.