What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights?


Color rendering Color rendering refers to the differenc […]

Color rendering

Color rendering refers to the difference between the color seen by the eyes and the true natural color (under sunlight) when an object is illuminated by light. The higher the color rendering of the lamp, the more realistic the color of the object.

Sunlight color rendering is 100, incandescent color rendering is 97, daylight fluorescent lamp is 80-94, white fluorescent lamp is 75-85, warm white fluorescent lamp is 80-90, halogen lamp is 95-99, high pressure mercury lamp It is 22-51, ordinary LED light is generally 70-80.

The color rendering of LED lights used in some professional occasions (such as clothing stores, etc.) must be high, generally above 90; and occasions such as art galleries and museums require a high degree of true color reproduction, so their lamps display The color requirement should be above 95.

(The pork stall in the vegetable market uses red light. Under its light, even the white pork looks very cute and moving)

Energy saving

Under the same power, although their power consumption is the same, their brightness is very different. Because their luminous efficiency is different, LED luminous efficiency is much higher than that of incandescent lamps. Under the same power, the luminous brightness of the LED lamp is equivalent to 4 1 energy-saving lamps and 10 incandescent lamps.

Although the LED light is bright, its illumination angle is relatively small, about 120°, so it can only be bright in a small space; if it deviates from this angle, the light is weakened very much. But incandescent lamps can emit light almost 360°. The brightness of the surrounding space is similar. LED Panel Lights Suppliers


A qualified LED lamp has a much longer life than an incandescent lamp. According to relevant data, the average service life of incandescent lamps is 2000 hours, and the average service life of LEDs can reach 30,000 hours, which is 15 times the difference. (In order to save costs, many manufacturers now use poor materials for LED lights, and their lifespan is not as good as that of incandescent lamps, and they will be broken after a few months of use)

There are also many low-quality LED lights on the market. Although they are cheap, they are really not recommended. After a while, you will know that the brightness and lifespan of LED lights of the same power are much lower than those of poor quality. There are some low-quality LED lights that are bright when they are first used, but the brightness is much lower after a few days, because of their high light decay.