UV Lights fluorescent colors


UV light can make fluorescent colors glow, and this eff […]

UV light can make fluorescent colors glow, and this effect is particularly noticeable under black light lighting. Fluorescent colors are substances that emit bright colors when excited by UV light. These colors typically include:

Fluorescent yellow: Under UV light, fluorescent yellow emits a very bright yellow light and is one of the most common fluorescent colors.

Fluorescent green: Fluorescent green displays a distinct green color under black light illumination, often appearing brighter than under ordinary light sources.

Fluorescent orange: Fluorescent orange emits bright orange light under UV light, making it look more vivid.

Fluorescent Pink: Fluorescent pink also looks very bright and eye-catching under black light.

Fluorescent purple: Fluorescent purple is a deep purple that emits a very unique purple fluorescence under UV light.

These fluorescent colors appear particularly vibrant and eye-catching under blacklight lighting, so using them in your event photography can create a unique visual effect. If you want to take advantage of UV lighting to capture fluorescent colors, you can choose fluorescent clothing or props, or enhance the brightness and vividness of those colors in post-processing.