Three forms of LED lighting


Good lighting can help the not-so-better work and life, […]

Good lighting can help the not-so-better work and life, make you feel relaxed, happy, warm and comfortable, let you fully feel the warmth of your home. A good lighting layout will adopt the three basic lighting methods of general, task and focus according to functionality and style.

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General lighting

General lighting refers to providing overall lighting to a certain area. This is the ambient lighting that home improvement designers often mention. General lighting can provide a comfortable brightness to the lighting area, ensure the safety of walking and working, and ensure that we can see the objects clearly. What kind of lamps do we use? We can use decorative lamps, wall lamps, recessed lamps, track lamps and other lamps with a certain light control design. The general lighting method is the most basic in the lighting layout.


Task lighting

Task lighting is to help us complete special tasks, such as reading on the desk of the bookstore, washing clothes in the laundry room, cooking and cooking in the kitchen, and other entertainment, playing video games, etc. We can use embedded lamps, track lamps, ceiling lamps, mobile lamps, etc. to complete the lighting effect. In addition, when you use these lamps, you should pay attention to avoid glare and shadows, and they must be bright enough to avoid visual fatigue.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting can add drama to the room and create excitement. As an element used for decoration, we can use it to illuminate paintings, sculptures, and other honors and prizes. It can also emphasize the material of walls or fabrics (such as curtain fabrics), and can also be used for outdoor small Bokeh lighting. In the key lighting mode, the required illuminance of the center point is three times that of the surrounding environment of the area. We can use track lamps, recessed lamps or wall lamps to meet these.