Things To Consider LED Flood Lights


To remove darkness from your walking path, nooks, and c […]

To remove darkness from your walking path, nooks, and corners, you need to have flood light. It is a wide-spanning light that floods the large area with high-intensity light that saves people from falling and bumping into things in the dark. It is also referred to as security light since the broad beam leaves no scope for criminal activities such as robbery and damage. It is generally installed in parks, parking area, stadium, driveway, and aisle.


Things to consider

You can choose from the normal flood lights and LED flood lights (latter being the better option). Before making a purchase, you must select the color of light and brightness well depending upon the place and purpose of installation.


How to install?

Installation needs some effort irrespective of the brand you buy. Whether you are a professional or not, you need to follow these steps for easy installation


Read the installation manual received with the light
Select a high point for installation and a power source to turn in on/off
Drill hole for the electrical cable to pass through and connect with a power source
Do a testing after installation