LED Plant Lights Are Safe For Use


Many people are confused whether plant LED lights safe […]

Many people are confused whether plant LED lights safe for use?


If "safe" means there is no harm to the plants or to human, the answer sure be “yes”. LED light are a mix of few lights(such as green and red) which have different wavelength. Among these lights some do help to the growth of plants, that’s not magic indeed but plants could easily acquire the energy from these lights and use it in photosynthesis process. And some LED are designed for growing plants.


The combination of red and blue LED lights used in a good LED system help the plant grow. Sodium-vapour and high-intensity discharge lighting utilize the full spectrum of light and blast the plant only to help them grow. Henceforth, LED plant lights are absolutely safe for us.


The features of LED plant lights are as below: more optional ranges for wave length; high compliance with Photosynthesis; half width for spectral wave, could form single color light and composite spectrum by combination; they could work on the plants with specific wave length; and accelerating the process of blossom and bearing fruit; they also can control the height of the plants and its nutrient; they also have a little heat for system, small space for whole machine, applying to Multi-layer cultivation combination system; besides, the long life time for products also save cost. With the above features, the LED plant lights are very suitable for controllable conditions, for example they can use for plant tissue culture, gardening, Industrial Breeding, Space ecological health and protection system.


Actually, compared with HPS, HID, LED lights are safer to use:


it does not contain any toxic elements such as Hg
LED plant light will not generate much heat, plus, it always comes with a cooling system. so you can be free of worrying about the light will burn your plants
they are always full spectrum with much blue and red light, which your plants desire in nature.