What problems still exist in the use of multi-chip combination light sources for led street lights?


The power of single-chip LEDs on the market is generall […]

The power of single-chip LEDs on the market is generally between 1 and 5W, and the luminous flux output is only a few hundred lumens. In order for LEDs to be used in the field of general lighting on a large scale, the luminous flux of the led street light china must reach thousands or even tens of thousands of lumens. Such a high light output cannot be achieved by a single chip. In order to meet such a high light output requirement, a combined light source with multiple LED chips (usually 1W) is currently used at home and abroad. So, what are the problems in using multi-chip combination light source for LED street lamps?
1. The production process of ed street lamps is cumbersome, with low production efficiency and low reliability.
2. The design of lamps is limited by the number and arrangement of single LEDs, so it is difficult to balance the aesthetic appearance and guaranteed performance of the produced lamps.
3. The secondary light distribution design of the lamp is complicated, it is difficult to meet the requirements of various lighting designs, and it will reduce the light efficiency of the lamp.
4. When dozens of single-chip LEDs are arranged in the same lamp, the photoelectric performance parameters of each LED chip must be consistent, otherwise the photoelectric performance and usability of the lamp will be greatly reduced.
5. Blind spots and dark spots are prone to occur due to local failures during use, which increases maintenance costs.

SUNLE Street Lights SLR11 Waterproof IP65
Color Index CRI Ra>70,R9>0
Luminous Efficacy lm/W 130--160 lm/W
Energy efficiency Class / A++
Color consistency in level / Max.6SDCM
THD / <15%
Starting Time S <0.5S
Switching cycle before failure / >100,000times
Premature failure rate@1000h / 0
Lifespan H >50000Hrs