what kinds LED Street Lights?


Street lights also feature a wide variety of shapes and […]

Street lights also feature a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most conventional lights use halogen bulbs, which are similar to household incandescent bulbs. The luminaire portfolio of these companies is designed to address the individual needs of each customer. They are also engineered to reduce glare and bend light to achieve maximum efficiency.
LED street lights also come with intelligent control features. They can be programmed to turn on and off automatically in response to different conditions. They can also be fitted with a light sensor to avoid light pollution. A central timer is another useful feature of LED street lights. It allows street lights to turn on and off automatically at certain times, including times when there is little traffic.
Besides being durable, LED street lights can also be compact and lightweight. They are highly efficient and low in energy. Most of these street lights are made of high-grade aluminum, which makes them a safe option for outdoor street lighting. They have a high IP rating and are compatible with a variety of road environments.
LED street lamps can be used in government, residential, and commercial applications. They are also available for tunnels and solar street applications. The technology behind LED street lights makes them a sustainable option that helps reduce energy consumption, costs, and environmental impact. With more people making the switch to LED street lights, manufacturers of LED street lights are constantly developing new products that offer the same benefits as traditional street lights.

120-170LM/W IP65 Road Project Lighting LED Street Lights SLR07
LED Power Consumption: 50W-300W
Operating Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Power Factor: >0.90;
LED Luminous Efficiency: 120-170LM/W
Lamp Efficiency: >0.8;
Material: Die-casting aluminum body;
IP Rating: IP65;
Warranty: 3-5 years;
Finishes: White/Black/Gray;