LED garden lights have a wide range of applications, so what should we pay attention to?


1. Assembled led garden light factories and inserted in […]

1. Assembled led garden light factories and inserted into the bulbs. LED landscape lights do not touch the direct halogen bulbs with your fingers, as the oil from your skin may shorten the life of the bulbs. 2. Place your planned lamps and equipment on the ground. Try to stick your lights lurking in bushes and lawns. When there is a hidden light source, the light is revealed, not the light fixture.
3. Transformer for operation, cable lamp garden led light factories. Lay the transformer on the ground, don't install it at the moment. Detach at least 5 slack feet from the transformer, then slack line each light fixture according to your structure. 4. Create your discussion. Use the cables of the direct buried welding method to continue various phenomenon lighting fixtures. 5. Continue the wires to the transformer, not the device on the wall. Each operation line will go to the cooperative terminal for a while, and to the 12-volt tap water terminal for a while. The transformers are marked on these terminals, each of which is capable of having multiple wires going on to it. Do not use a higher tap voltage on this terminal Euro will get that down. After each wire goes on, it can be plugged into the transformer. 6. Check your lights and structures. Assuming the light is too dim, move the area to a higher water terminal transformer on the cable. Assuming all equipment is not operating at 1.5 volts to each other, adjust the structure, or divide the two operations. Measure the jig on each job, then work your way inward. Assuming your work is above 15 volts, professional help is strongly recommended. Get more information on using and purchasing a voltmeter. 7. The equipment transformer is on the wall, make sure it has at least one from the ground underfoot. Plug in any accessories, including timers and photoelectrics. 8. Adjust the device for any viewpoint and orientation. Straighten and coil each neatly completed cable job to tie the cable and wrap the wire. Once the cables are placed in the correct orientation, they are buried in the ground. It is unlikely to be reduced when digging, since you will see cables buried in the mulch when you clear the cage cover digging. Bury cables in the lawn on the ground. The cable spans from the bed to the ground floor, buried deeper, and the PVC pipe is reduced on both sides to place a seam on the cable as a maintenance conduit. 9. Make sure the lights are in the correct position, change any light bulbs, glare inspection equipment and fine-tuning.

30W-60W Outdoor Light Small Car Park IP65 LED Garden Lights
LED PowerConsumption:30W-60W
Operating Voltage:AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Power Factor:>0.90
LED Luminous Efficiency:100LM/W
Lamp Efficiency:>0.8
Material:Die-casting aluminum body
IP Rating:IP65
Warranty:3-5 years