How to distinguish the quality of LED high bay lights?


First, choose according to actual needs. When choosing […]

First, choose according to actual needs.
When choosing industrial and mining lamps for industries such as coal, petroleum, and chemical industries, it is not only necessary to consider whether the lighting needs can meet the requirements, but also factors such as dustproof and waterproof, and even explosion-proof requirements. This restricts us to choose the first LED lamps. The requirements are that the general high bay lamp has been purchased, but it cannot meet the requirements in terms of energy saving. The lamp is cheap and expensive. The price of ordinary LED lamps may be acceptable, but the safety of use is not guaranteed. The lamps will be replaced every three days. The work brings a lot of inconvenience. The general factory floor led high bay lights are relatively high, and professional escalators or lift trucks are required to replace the lamps, which increases our invisible investment costs. Therefore, such enterprises need to consider whether the products are Whether it meets the requirements of national quality standards, whether it has passed the explosion-proof certification, etc.
Second, consider comprehensive cost-effective options.
LED high bay lights, especially LED high bay lights that have passed explosion-proof certification, military industry certification, quality system certification, etc., because they will strictly implement national standards in production and material selection, and will not use inferior means of cutting corners to reduce product costs. , so the price may be higher than that of ordinary lamps, but the one-time investment at the time of purchase is exchanged for high-quality products, which not only saves electricity costs, but also saves the cost of secondary purchases, maintenance and replacement of lamps. The key is It provides a reliable guarantee for our safe production, so it is your wisest choice to choose the light-factor high bay lamp that has passed the explosion-proof certification, military certification and product quality system certification.
The genuine LED high bay light adopts integrated high-power light beads or SMD light beads, the light bead chip is clear, and the glue and gold LED high bay light manufacturer's line is clearly visible. When purchasing, consumers can put multiple LED high bay lights on the For comparison, the lamp bead chips and products with good size consistency are generally mass-produced products, and the quality is mostly guaranteed. In addition, it is necessary to see whether the appearance of the LED lamp is cracked or loose, and observe whether the interface has been pryed. If there are traces of passing, it means that it is an inferior product, and the genuine LED high bay light will not be loose or tilted during the installation and disassembly process.
Led high bay light wholesale consumers can also distinguish the quality of the LED high bay material by the shell material of the LED high bay light. The genuine LED high bay light is made of space aluminum material, the thermal conductivity is super good, the oxidation of the aluminum material shows smooth, no sharp surface, inferior products Ordinary plastic is used, with rough and dull surface. This kind of material has the characteristics of easy deformation, easy to scratch people, and poor heat dissipation.
Look at the temperature at work.
In the working state, the temperature of the genuine LED high bay light will not be too high, and it can be touched by hand. If the purchased product heats up significantly during work, it means that there is a problem with its quality. In addition, if the light of the LED high bay light flashes, it will also Indicates that there is a problem with its quality.

●This product made of aluminum is designed with excellent heat dissipation based on chimney structure.
●With working temperature between -30℃ to 50℃, this product can be applied to different circumstances.
●Easy ring type installation and maintenance.
●5year guarantee.
Kindly remind: please keep this instruction manual for future use.
Product Application
Warehouse, library, workshop, shopping mal, supermarket, theme restaurant, gymnasium, cinema, hospital, apparel shop, bar etc.