How to distinguish low-quality LED street lamps?


Its LED Plant Light Suppliers are inferior products, wh […]

Its LED Plant Light Suppliers are inferior products, which is reflected in the luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency of a single chip is 90LM/W, and the whole lamp efficiency is lower, generally below 80LM/W. Now, the light-emitting chips of major brands in the factory are at least 140LM/W, which can not be compared. Some people say that low efficiency is not necessary to light up, but they do not know that it will bring about a large amount of heat generation. The time is long, and the light decay is rapidly expanding, which will not take a year or two, Basically, it needs to be scrapped.Secondly, the selection of driving power supply. The price and service life of power supply of the same specification will vary greatly due to the different selection of accessories. Low price power supplies generally begin to be damaged in a large area after two years, but high-quality power supplies generally require a warranty of more than 5 years and a service life of more than 7 or 8 years, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

Thirdly, the design and materials of the radiator are also crucial. A good heat dissipation design of the lamp is scientific and reasonable, with fast heat dissipation. The temperature rise does not change much when it is lit for a long time. It is not hot to touch. However, if the radiator is simply cut down in cost, it will be hot to light up. It will also affect the normal power of the lamp, and will accelerate the light failure of the lamp.

Flodable LED Grow Lights for Vertical Farms
Input Voltage(V):AC:90-305V 50/60Hz
Color Temperature:1.2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K-FullSpectrum