How to determine a good LED street light manufacturer?


When buying LED street lights, users all hope that they […]

When buying LED street lights, users all hope that they can get better quality products. At the same time, they also hope to have a good after-sales service.
However, there are hybrid technologies from LED street light manufacturers on the market. How do you identify a good LED street light manufacturer?
Project Master Planning: Advance planning is to prepare lighting projects in a predictable manner and reduce the occurrence of unexpected events. Generally, LED street light manufacturers ignore this step. However, good LED street light manufacturers should consider the problem more from the perspective of consumers.
For example, the engineering process, project budget, project details, etc. should be as detailed as possible. This is the professional performance of a good street light manufacturer.
There is also the overall design of the project: the design phase is the most difficult step to determine. Various design options emerge for every lighting project.
A professional LED street light manufacturer will do just that, communicate with customers, understand what effect the customer needs to achieve, formulate the style, and design according to a reasonable budget. Face every lighting project plan with a perfect attitude.
In fact, when buying LED solar street lights, it is not to consider the configuration of solar energy. According to the use of the site, how many high poles need to be used on the road, and then choose the light source according to the wattage of the source of the height, and then consider the brightness.
Light hours and rainy days need to last in order to be able to get the proper solar system capacity to ensure the normal use of solar lighting street lights.