Good Quality Led Panel Light


The Good Quality panel light must have good quality mat […]

The Good Quality panel light must have good quality materials and high Clean production.


The panel light have several main materials like below:


1, The Aluminum Frame:

The frame have different weight, some factory use very light weight aluminum to reduce the cost, but this panel light will not strong.

The most of Chinese panel light factories use 200–300g weight frame, if you want best quality you have to use 350–500g weight frame.


2, The LGP materials:

This is most important materials for LED panel light, it is depend on the panel light life span and light quality.

At the China market, the LGP have 2 materials: PS and PMMA.

The PS cost cheap, so most of companies use this PS for LGP, but the PS materials easy change to yellow color after 2 years.

The PMMA LGP cost about 3 times cost than PS, so a lot of customer cann`t bear the price, but still have some customer want the PMMA LGP to make sure use over 5 years or more.


3, The LED panel light driver:

The driver have different brand and price.

The Top brand drivers like: Meanwell, Philips, Osram, Tridonic. these brand driver quality good, but price high also.

Also, The driver have Flicker and Free-Flicker type, the Europe customer most like Free-Flicker driver, the cost just little bit more.


4, The LEDs:

The LEDs also have many brand and manufacturers. the LEDs quality depend on the paen light luminous efficiency and light depreciation.

The Top brand have CREE, OSRAM, Lumileds, SAMSUNG and so on.

In addition to these materials, a good quality control system is needed.